On the surface, the Mopar scene and Fiats don't seem to be very similar or even compatible. Mopar fans usually go for big, heavy, high powered muscle cars with V8s and somewhat less concern for cornering. Obviously the little Fiats are the exact opposite of that. So, could a Fiat be considered a Mopar or at least in the same family?

I just got booted out of a Mopar group when the people running the show went through members' profiles and kicked Fiat owners. I mainly joined the group to meet other car people in my area and keep up with the Mopar scene. And, since Mopar is part of the Fiat family now, I thought it made sense.


It was indicated to me that Fiat owners aren't welcome in the Mopar group, and I found this very odd. Mopar is Chrysler's parts distribution company so all OEM Fiat parts are distributed through Mopar. They also have plenty of performance and customization options for Fiats just as they do for all other Chrysler products. Mopar even had a track-ready Mopar Fiat 500 at SEMA this year along with a display for all of their Fiat performance parts. I work at a Fiat studio and literally deal with Mopar every day. When we order a Fiat 500, there is an option for the "Mopar package." Our cars are built here by Chrysler and our engines in Michigan right alongside theirs.

During a 70-something comment long conversation on Facebook with the VP of the group (who has now deleted all of his comments), the point was also posed to me that Fiats do not share the "Mopar spirit," which confuses me. The same group welcomes all RAM truck owners; I would seriously contend that the Abarth is much closer in spirit to the Mopar name than the average RAM truck. It's 2013 and they build a car that only comes in manual, comes with straight pipes, and includes a track school with purchase!

So, I pose this question to my fellow Jalops: Can Fiats and Mopars mix or are we doomed to be enemies?